Volunteer Info

A Master Gardener Volunteer is an individual who provides service to his/her community by assisting people in addressing horticultural problems.

Any resident of Wisconsin 18 years or older is eligible to be a Master Gardener Volunteer.  Potential Master Gardener Volunteers should be interested in horticulture, (but a formal degree is not necessary), dependable, unbiased and open-minded, and willing to help people with their horticultural concerns.  Participants are expected to provide volunteer service to their community.

Master Gardener training is offered through the Extension Adams County office.  To participate, you may contact the office.  (You do NOT need to reside in Adams County to participate in our program).

The deadline for submitting volunteer and continuing education hours is October 1 of every year.

Volunteer Opportunities

In addition to the volunteer opportunities listed below, there are usually others that become available throughout the year.  The only way we can take part in them is if we get volunteers from our organization to help with them.  Any volunteer hours you can provide for any project are very helpful.  The other big need is volunteers to chair or co-chair the projects.  Without your help the number of community projects are limited.  With your help, the prospects are endless.  PLEASE VOLUNTEER!

Ongoing Opportunities

  • Moundview Memorial Hospital & Clinic and Fairground Planters
    • Betty Conrad-608-584-4419
  • Library Plants
    • Betty Conrad-608-584-4419
  • Adopt –A-Highway
    • Sharon Hartz-608-564-2430
  • Villa Pines Living Center
    • Mike Boucher-608-339-3361
  • Elementary School Garden
    • Heather Grabarski 608-339-0150
    • Carol Dziegielewski 608-339-2253
  • Community Center Planters
    • Betty Conrad 608-584-4419
  • Flagpole at the Community Center
    • Donna Bruno-608-403-6603
  • Fairground Planters
    • Betty Conrad 608-584-4419
  • Tree & Plant Sale
    • Cynthia Snyder 608-403-1337

1 Day or Limited Opportunities

  • Women’s Night Out – Time to be Announced
  • Brat Fry-A-F County Market, 8AM-3:30PM, Scott Christianson, 608-296-4747, & MaryAnne Keul-608-339-0420
  • ACE Hardware – Mother’s Day Flowers-Florence Johnson-608-339-6570
  • Adams County Fair-
  • Kids Day at the Fair- July

Volunteer Hours Record Sheets

Record sheets are a method to keep track of the hours you volunteer as a MGV. If possible, record your volunteer and/or continuing education activities when you complete them. If you wait until the end of the year to write this down, you may forget how much time you really spent on projects and underestimate your contributions (or just decide it’s too much trouble and get no credit for your hard work).

Keeping records is an important part of the MG Program. Not only do these records allow for recognition of volunteers for their hard work, but they are also invaluable for program evaluation. Timesheets provide a record of the many ways MGVs serve the public. Local and state governments, which fund the program are very interested in how effectively Extension uses tax revenues. Consequently detailed records benefit both the MG Program and its clients.

Turn your reports in by the deadline to the Extension Office. Although you should always try to turn in your hours by the deadline each year, if you miss that date, don’t despair. Your hours can still be turned in for credit, although they may be “held” until the following year to simplify record keeping and database entry.

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