Who We Are

The Adams County Master Gardeners Association (ACMGA) was formed in May 2000 by a small group of gardeners who wanted to use their love and knowledge of gardening to make a difference in their community.

Our Goals & Objectives

The goal of the MG Program is to train enthusiastic volunteers so they can, in turn, provide research-based information on a wide variety of horticultural topics to the general public in their communities.

Our main objectives:

  1. To offer ongoing education for members of the ACMGA in all areas of horticulture.
  2. To encourage, foster, support, and promote horticulture for all residents of Adams County.
  3. To promote the conservation of our natural resources.
  4. To perform community service projects that enhance the quality of life for Adams County residents.

The Adams County Extension Office serves as the local advisor to that ACMGA Program and provides support and educators involved with MG training.  Feel free to contact the Extension office if you have any questions concerning the ACMGA program.  608-339-4237

The ACMGA is managed by a non-specified number of members making up the Board of Directors, which meets monthly (no meeting in December). Complete minutes of past meetings are available from the Secretary of the Board.

Current Board Members 2021

PRESIDENT:  Robynn Preston  608-339-8064

VICEPRESIDENT:  Cindy Wagner  414-483-6069

SECRETARY:  Donna Bulahog  715-416-3646

TREASURER:  Joanne Elliott 608-584-5216


  • Dawn Davidshofer 309-267-4423
  • Florence Johnson 608-339-6570
  • Della Julseth 608-339-0128


  • Evan Henthorne


  • Chairman   –  Paul Pisellini
  • Vice Chair  – Jodi Schappe
  • Committee – David Zelenski
  • Committee – Robert Ness
  • Committee – Megan Wallendal
  • Committee – Dana Seis
  • Committee – Bruce Mohns


  • Evan Henthorne 608-339-4237
  • Cindy Wagner 414-483-6069


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