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10 Things You Need to Know about Wisconsin 4-H State Teams

Three State 4-H Arts Groups are formed every year to give 4-H youth the opportunity to develop their artistic and leadership skills.They then have the opportunity for real-world applications of these skills at the 4-H and Youth Conference and the Wisconsin State Fair.

4-H Drama Company creates a stage performance involving acting, song and dance in the five days leading up to 4-H and Youth Conference.

4-H Art Team creates artwork around the theme of the Wisconsin 4-H and Youth Conference as well as designing and organizing the WI 4-H and Youth Conference art exhibit, reception and guided exhibit tours.

4-H Communications Team tells the Wisconsin 4-H story using multiple forms of communication, including:  photo, video, social media, blogging and writing about club, county and state 4-H events.

State Arts Teams application info:

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