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Starting in fall 2013, families will have been able and required to enroll in 4-H online.  We are excited about this new program because it will allow families to enter and manage their own information.  The program was designed for use with all internet connections, whether it is through dial-up, DSL, or broadband.  It is easy to use and will give families the opportunity to update their personal information, look up projects they are enrolled in, read the newsletter, receive announcements about 4-H activities and more.  It will be convenient, because families will be able to access their information any time of the day.  Please check this link the Family Guide – How to enroll instructions if you need any guidance for the online registration process.

 For additional help before enrolling you may request a paper copy of your enrollment form from your club organizational leader to use as a reference.  This form will include years of membership and current projects to assist you in entering all the information into the online enrollment system.  Each family will enter their own enrollments at their convenience.  Important!  Each family must enroll themselves your club leader may not enroll you.

Families will need to enter an email address and create a family password.  If a family does not have an email address they will need to use the following:  first name of a family member.last name. . . .i.e.  It is also very easy to sign up for a free email address at a number of vendors such as Google, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc.  Click on the buttons below to sign up for an email account today!


If a family does not have internet access, our Adams County Public Library located at the Community Center can assist families with that service.  Phone:  608-339-4250


Enroll Today by clicking the button above!

Contact your Online Support Team if you have any questions, Jennifer, Larry and Lynn.


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