The local clubs are located throughout the County and are open to anyone who is interested, regardless of race, color, creed, religion, sex, age, handicap or national origin. It is not necessary to be female, married or to live within the County where the club originates.

The clubs in Adams county have from six to forty members, but an individual club may begin with only two members and can grow to any size. Generally, the meetings are held once a month, either in homes of members on a rotating basis, or in area public building meeting rooms such as town halls, churches, etc. Some of the clubs do not hold regular meetings during the summer months but that decision is left to the individual clubs.


The PRESIDENT presides at the meetings, plans the business part of the meeting with the other officers and makes sure that members are informed about County-wide activities. The PRESIDENT occasionally receives informational packets from the FAMILY LIVING EDUCATOR that is to be relayed on to their members. PRESIDENTS may serve for one or two years, depending on the BYLAWS of the individual club.

The PRESIDENT along with the SECRETARY (or their proxy) serve as the voting delegates from their local club to the County Association meetings held in January, March, May, August and October.

The VICE-PRESIDENT conducts meetings in the PRESIDENT’S absence. The VICE-PRESIDENT may represent the club at meetings, conferences and may be responsible for the program planning and scrapbook of the local club.

The SECRETARY maintains a complete and accurate account of all meetings. She takes roll at meetings and keeps membership lists up-to-date.

The TREASURER accurately records all financial matters, monies received and disbursed. The TREASURER reports regularly to the Club usually at their monthly meetings, pays membership dues to the County Treasurer and pays all bills upon authorization.

In summary each club members should look upon the advantage of serving in one of these capacities as an opportunity to really “belong” to their club. None of the requirements for any of the offices is beyond the capabilities of any members and there is help available from the Family Living Educator, booklets and workshops to make the position easier. Local club meetings are an informal gathering of friends with common goals. Holding a position of leadership will be a rewarding learning experience.


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