This is an interactive and immensely applicable one-of-a-kind program offering you the flexibility to focus on what you need to help producers improve their human resource management skills.

What You’ll Find Here

This program is a series of 7 modules, each standing alone as its own section, but better together. Take one or all!

Each module includes the following materials:

  • Short lecture presentation
  • Interactive activities or simulation
  • Additional resources for further learning


For more information or any concerns, please contact:

Program Administrator:

Trisha Wagner, Outreach Coordinator

UW-Extension Farm Management Program

Program Instructors

  • Jennifer Blazek, Director, UW-Farm & Industry Short Course
  • Trisha Wagner, Outreach Coordinator, Farm Management Program
  • Simon Jette Nantel, Ag Economic Specialist, Center for Dairy Profitability
  • Steve Okonek, Trempealeau County Agriculture Agent
  • Jerry Clark, Chippewa County Agriculture Agent
  • Mark Hagedorn, Eau Claire County Agriculture Agent
  • Carl Duley, Buffalo County Agriculture Agent