The Farm Business Culture


No two farms are alike because the people who make up the farm team are unique! People bring with them a myriad of experiences and cultural identities to their workplace. And farms are no different as owners, managers, and employees contribute to the farm’s culture.

The culture on a farm may not be obvious or visible, but it’s there. It’s often overlooked in employee management but is just as important as hiring practices or giving feedback because the farm culture affects the day-to-day operation of the farm and the relationship between manager and employee. The farm culture represents “the way things get done around here” and it can be positive or present a challenge for employees.

The Farm Business Culture Module is designed to assist a farmer or HR manager to identify characteristics of their farm’s culture and ways to build a healthy farm business culture for improved employee management. Through activities and assessment tools, farmers or HR managers will learn what culture is, common characteristics of culture on farms, how it impacts employee management, and what elements are necessary for a healthy farm business culture. It’s important to create a healthy farm business culture because it can improve employee engagement, motivation, and reduce poor productivity and turnover.

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  • Learn about organizational culture and how it affects employee motivation and engagement.
  • To gain awareness of employees’ cultures and how they bring culture to the job.


Farmers/managers will:

  • Identify elements of their own farm business culture.
  • Develop an action plan for improving their farm business culture.


Download the PowerPoint file here in English (PPT, 5347KB)

Download the PowerPoint file here in Spanish (PPT, 5827KB)


Activity #1 - What is Culture?

Activity #2 - What is My Farm Business Culture?

  • My Farm Business Culture Activity Facilitator Guide in English or in Spanish – (PDF, 392KB)
  • My Farm Business Culture Worksheet in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 322KB)
  • Business Cultural Characteristics Handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 1034KB)

Activities Debrief

Discussion points and questions for both activities are part of the presentation.


Activity handouts are listed above.

Additional handouts (optional):