From Managers to Leaders


Are you a manager or leader? What’s the difference between the two? Do you want to rally and engage your employees for better performance or do you just want to tell them what to do? Managers and leaders have a place in farm human resource management, it just depends on what your goals are.

This module will address the following key questions:

  • How can leadership be exercised?
  • What are the benefits of great leadership?
  • What is/are the best ways to exercise leadership in the context of a/your farm?
  • How are you exercising leadership on your farm?
  • How can you improve and build your leadership skills?

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Review the role of leadership in human resource management.
  • Discuss different leadership styles and applications on farms.


Farmers/managers will:

  • Identify their own preferred leadership style/s.
  • Learn which style is best applied in different employee management situations.


Download the presentation here in English or in Spanish – (PPT, 477KB)

Module Facilitator’s Guide

Download the facilitator’s guide here in English or in Spanish – (PDF, 207KB)


Activity #1 - The Meaning of Leadership

Activity #2 - Leadership Styles

Activity #3 - Leadership in Action

Activity #4 - Leadership Learning


Activity handouts are listed above.

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