Hiring the Right People


The hiring process begins with job analysis and job descriptions. An important instrument in the tool box of a farmer or human resources manager is the written job description. Written job descriptions can help determine the skills needed for a position and also determine if the position is needed. This program will help you get started in writing a job description that allows you to define and evaluate the job, improve communication of job expectations, and efficiently manage work load and employees.

A well-written job description will lead to better interviewing. It’s important that one uses the interview process to reveal and applicant’s skills, abilities and thought processes related to the job requirements. A well-defined job allows one to ask the type of interview questions that are specific to the requirements, and communicate the expectations of the job.

The Hiring the Right People Module is designed to assist a farmer or HR manager through the hiring process by providing information, practical experience, and resources for writing a job description and performing an interview. Using the recommended practices can help reduce miss-hires and improve employee performance.


  • Ask interview questions that are specific to the requirements of the job.
  • Use the interview process to reveal an applicant’s skills, abilities, and thought processes related to job requirements.
  • Use the interview process to communicate expectations of the job.
  • Write job descriptions to define and evaluate job positions on the farm.


Farmers/managers will:

  • Reduce miss-hires and turnover.
  • Efficiently manage work load and employees.
  • Improve communication of job expectations.

Facilitator Guide

English version of the Facilitator Guide – (PPT, 195KB)


Download the presentation in English here – (PPT, 514KB)

Download the presentation in Spanish here – (PPT, 750KB)



Activity #1 - Write Your Own Position Description

  • “Write Your Own Job Description” Facilitator Guide – part of the presentation
  • My Job Description Handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 406KB)


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