Managing Conflict


Conflict can happen anytime and in any organization.

Ensuring you have the right people on your team is the first step towards mitigating conflict. It doesn’t keep conflict from happening, but starting with a good team goes along way to making the ride smoother. If conflict does arise, then having a process to manage it so the relationship and trust is retained is vital.

The Managing Conflict Module is designed to give farmers or HR managers a process in which to deal with conflict with or between employees on their farm. Farmers or HR managers will learn about effective communication strategies and use a conflict management model to work through situations of conflict which can happen on a farm.

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Understand basic concepts in conflict management.
  • Provide basic methods to work through conflict.


Farmers/managers will:

  • Be able to facilitate conflict with or between employees on their farm.
  • Improve listening skills for better communication during a conflict.


Download the presentation here in English or in Spanish – (PPT, 4925KB)


Activity #1 - Conflict Scenarios

Activity #2 - What is Conflict?

Activity #3 - Working Across Generations

Activity #4 - Your Brain and Conflict

Activity #5 - Listening Exercise

Activity #6 - Assessing Your Conflict Style

Activity #7 - Getting the Right People on the Bus

Activities Debrief

Discussion points and questions for both activities are part of the presentation.


Activity handouts are listed above.

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