Developing a Motivated Workforce


Motivated and engaged employees are key to the success of a business. Happy, driven employees perform better, are more creative, and deal with stress more effectively, as research has shown.

The level of motivation and engagement of employees, while somewhat hard to measure, is important for managers to be aware of. Sometimes employees are not a good fit for their position or the farm, or sometimes there is an external situation happening in the employee’s life. Most often though it’s the workplace environment which contributes to poor morale and low drive among employees. While managers cannot make an employee motivated, they do have control over the environment where the employee works. By promoting a workplace where autonomy, relatedness, and competence – needs of every employee – are valued, motivation and engagement will follow.

The Developing a Motivated Workforce module is designed to assist a farmer or HR manager to cultivate an environment where employees are engaged and motivated to succeed in their jobs. Through activities and assessments, farmers or HR managers will identify factors to employee motivation and engagement, become aware of the different types of power that exist in relationships, and work through issues that tend to arise when employees are disengaged. Improving employee motivation can reduce turnover, poor performance, and conflict in the workplace.

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Increase awareness of motivating factors and types of power.
  • Identify the keys to a motivating environment.


Farmers/managers will:

  • Use an assessment tool to determine the factors which motivate their employees.
  • Reduce employee turnover by implementing strategies to create a motivating environment.
  • Learn strategies for addressing issues surrounding motivation in the workplace.

Facilitator Guide

English version of the Facilitator Guide – (PDF, 307KB)


Download the presentation here in English or in Spanish – (PPT, 1230KB)


Activity #1 - Assessing the Motivating Environment

  • Motivational Assessment Quiz in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 538KB)

Activity #2 - Internal Forces Activity

  • Internal Forces handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 348KB)

Activity #3 - Employee Motivation Scenarios

  • Employee Motivation Scenarios handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 137KB)


Activity handouts are listed above.

Additional handouts:

Facilitator Resources