Reviews & Feedback


Feedback is an important part of the process for employees to know how well they are doing and if they are meeting your expectations.

Employees have two questions: 1)What is expected of me? and 2)Am I meeting the expectations? Not knowing the answers to these questions cause stress to employees and can affect performance. Reviews and feedback offer you the opportunity to answer both those questions, reduce employees’ stress and improve performance.

The Keeping Good Employees: Reviews and Feedback module is designed to increase the awareness and comfort level of farmers and farm managers in giving more effective feedback to their employees. Activities will assist with distinguishing between the three types of feedback, and when each is appropriate. This module also covers the principles of providing incentive pay.

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Learn how to provide constructive feedback to employees
  • Learn about performance reviews and incentives plans


Farmers/managers will:

  • Be able to develop skills to provide more effective feedback
  • Assess the situation to understand when to use positive, redirection, and negative feedback


Download the presentation here in English or in Spanish – (PPT, 933KB)


Activity #1 - Giving Helpful Feedback

Activity #2 - Redirection Feedback: Not Just Positive or Negative

Activity Debrief

Discussion points and questions for both activities are included in the above activities.


Activity handouts are listed above.

Additional handouts:

  • Feedback and Reviews handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 120KB)

Facilitator Resources