Strategic Leadership & On-Boarding


Building a vision and on-boarding are the key elements and basic foundation for successful leadership. By setting the employee up for success in their first six months on your farm, managers are building employee capacity to succeed in their job.

The Strategic Leadership & On-Boarding module is designed to assist a farmer or HR manager to set their employees up for success by focusing on the vision for the farm and developing a good on-boarding process for new employees. Through activities and assessments, farmers or HR managers will begin to create a vision for their farm, identify best practices for employee on-boarding, and understand the needs of new employees. Effectively communicating expectations to employees upfront can reduce improve retention, increase employee engagement, and reduce poor performance.

Lesson Objective(s)

  • Learn how to effectively communicate expectations to employees
  • Learn about on-boarding practices and training opportunities


Farmers/managers will:

  • Better orient new employees to the farm.
  • Reduce employee confusion and poor productivity in the first 6 months of employment.
  • Develop a vision for the farm to engage and motivate employees.
  • Use training to improve worker productivity.

Facilitator Guide

English version of the Facilitator Guide – (PDF, 258KB)


Download the presentation here in English or in Spanish – (PPT, 4624KB)


Activity #1 - Vision in Action

  • Vision in Action Handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 125KB)

Activity #2 - A New Employee, Now What?

  • New Employee Activity Handout in English or in Spanish – print out and make a copy for each participant (PDF, 232KB)


Activity handouts are listed above.

Additional handouts:

Facilitator Resources