New article: Managing employee conflict on your farm operation

Author: Jim Versweyveld, Walworth County UW-Extension Agriculture Educator  (published in the Wisconsin State Farmer June 26, 2019)

While farm managers across Wisconsin have a lot on their plates this time of year, probably the last thing they care to deal with is two employees who are not getting along. As much as leaders may want to avoid the issue, hoping it will go away, it could actually escalate and get worse if it isn’t dealt with quickly.

Regardless of the size of your farm workforce, it’s very likely that employee disputes will occur from time to time. Disagreements can arise on the farm where the pace is often fast and expectations are high. Personality, communication style, work ethic and even cultural differences between farm workers can lead to conflict, leaving you as the farm manager to sort the issues out.

For full article, published in the Wisconsin State Farmer June 26, 2019

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