Apply Valley, MN: Preparing for “Silver Tsunami”

Apply Valley, Minnesota is taking on the initiative to make their community aging-friendly. Beginning in 2012 leaders in the community have collaborated to create a consortium and  brainstorm how to make the city more inclusive toward seniors.

The Apple Valley mayor, private businesses and local government leaders recently organized a 3 day workshop called “Vitalocity” with the goal of making the city more age-friendly  through social and physical infrastructure.

Check out the news article about Apple Valley, “Aging suburbs: Apple Valley plots a Change”

You may also read more about the “VITALOCITY” workshop in Apple Valley, Minnesota.

Could this be a model for other communities? How can you work with community partners to implement “aging-friendly” projects? Refer to the Creating Aging-Friendly Communities homepage for more information on the characteristics of aging-friendly communities.