WI Farm Safety and Health Week Proclaimed

A proclamation for Wisconsin Farm Safety and Health Week by Govenor Scott Walker signed August 29, 2107

Select the image to read the actual proclamation for Wisconsin Farm Safety and Health Week, September 17-23, 2017.

Wisconsin Farm Safety and Health Week, September 17-23, 2017, was proclaimed by Govenor Walker on August 29, 2017. 

WHEREAS; Wisconsin’s farmers, farm workers, and family members work tirelessly to support and provide the crop, dairy, livestock, and energy products that fuel the state’s $88.3 billion agriculture and food sector, sustaining jobs for more than 400,000 people; and

WHEREAS; people who work on Wisconsin’s farms face a high death rate, with more than 25 people losing their life each year because of injuries and fatal incidents on the farm and on rural roadways with more than 10,000 workers and family members being injured; and

WHEREAS; adults and youth working on farms have unique occupational health concerns that can lead to short- or long-term health, disability, and disease conditions from sun exposure, noise, repetitive tasks, vibration, gases, dusts, chemicals, and other hazards; and

WHEREAS; farms can be made safer through greater awareness of the dangers of farming and specific actions to identify and eliminate hazards including: equipping farm machines, processes, and structures with the latest safety devices; use of personal protection equipment; adequate education, and supervision for all who work on farms; and, engagement of all members and leaders in our farming communities who provide support, consultation, technical services, health care, and supplies to farmers, farm workers, and family members; and

WHEREAS; for 74 years, the nation has recognized the importance of the safety and health of our nation’s farmers, ranchers, and workers through an annually recognized week-long event to bring attention to the health and safety needs of our nation’s agricultural industries;

NOW, THEREFORE, I, Scott Walker, Governor of the State of Wisconsin,

do hereby proclaim September 17 – 23, 2017 as


throughout the State of Wisconsin and I commend this observance to all of our citizens.

IN TESTIMONY WHEREOF, I have hereunto set my hand and caused the Great Seal of the State of Wisconsin to be affixed.  Done at the Capitol in the City of Madison this 29th day of August 2017.





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