Manure Gas Safety Resources

Fall harvest season means it’s time to clean out manure storages before winter arrives. In 2016, several manure-gas related incidents elevated the risk related to manure gases, especially at the start of agitation.  It is important that everyone working around manure storages and handling system know the hazards of manure gases and how to prevent illnesses or death from exposure to these gases.

Reducing Risks from Manure Storage Agitation Gases , University of  Wisconsin Extension, August 2017.  Downloadable PDF Manure Storage Risk Final Extension Bulletin

Non-Enclosed Manure Storage Safety Tips  UWEX Factsheet 2016.

Notes from the Field: Death of a Farm Worker After Exposure to Manure Gas in an Open Air Environment – Wisconsin, August 2016.  CDC Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report (MMWR), August 18, 2017. 66(32):861-862.

Hydrogen Sulfide Health Hazards   Provides short term symptoms and effects to concentrations of Hydrogen Sulfide. Downloadable PDF: H2S health hazards


Manure Gas Safety Webinar, September 2016. 


Manure Storage Pit Dangers: Identifying Hazardous Gases, Technical Guidance for Selection and Use of Monitors to Assess Air Hazards;; Great  Plains Center for Agricultural Health,, accessed 9.14.2016.

Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA);; accessed 9.14.2016

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