2021 County Farm Safety Grants Available

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2021 County Farm Safety Grants – Apply to address farm safety in your community. Photo: shutterstock 686676718

The University of Wisconsin-Madison/Extension Agricultural Safety and Health Center announces continued availability of $15,000 to award grants for sponsoring farm safety and health education, training or informational programs. Grants will be awarded for amounts up to $500.00 per county with groups securing or providing equal matching funds. Proposals are due by April 30, 2021. Applications submitted after the due date will not be considered for funding unless funds are still available.

These grants will help county consortia sponsor programs focusing on farm safety and health prevention efforts. Funds may be used for resource development or programs such as:

  • youth tractor and machinery certification programs;
  • occupational safety and health training, including farm stress programs, for employees or farm family members;
  • programs on operating agricultural equipment on public highways;
  • hazard inspections trainings for farm operators and employees;
  • emergency personnel training for farm accident rescue; and
  • farm safety day camps or school programs for youth.

These funds may not be used for food, T-shirts or salary. Use of the funds for just consumable items at a one-time program will not be favorably reviewed. In reviewing the grants for selection, an important criterion is the use of funds towards the development of a sustainable farm safety education effort.

Programs are to be developed in consultation with county extension personnel, agricultural education instructors, public health personnel, agriculture organizations, or other persons with expertise or interest in farm safety topics.

 Availability of Funds:

Each county may receive grants totaling $500 per year. Multiple-county grant applications will be accepted. Multiple-county applications must identify one lead group for administration of funds and reporting.

County consortia are to secure or provide equal matching funds (dollar-for-dollar match) from private or public sources. Wisconsin Act 455 provided authorization to county boards for providing matching funds for county dollars.

In-kind matches such as printing, telephone charges, or provided materials can total no more than 50% of the matching funds. Staff time/salaries cannot be used for matching funds.


The grants will be awarded in May, 2021. Activities and final reports should be completed by December 31, 2021.

 Lead Group:

County consortia must identify a lead group. The lead group will be responsible for administering the grant, completing the final report, and receiving the payment of funds.

 Proposal Format:

In order for a proposal to be accepted for review, it must include the following items:

  1. Cover Page
  2. A written proposal submitted as a pdf file to include:
    • Statement of Need
    • Objectives of Program
    • Major Activities (Procedures)
    • Timeline including starting and completion date
    • Key Organizations, Representatives and Responsibilities
    • Evaluation – How will you evaluate to show your objectives were met and the impact on participants?
    • Explanation of budget and matching funds – be specific on use of in-kind matches

3.  Budget Form. Budget form is needed separate from the budget explanation required in item 8.)

4. Completed IRS W-9 form. The name used on line 1 will be who the check is made payable to. This form is required for funds to be awarded.

5. Digital signature is acceptable.

The matching funds are to be a dollar-for-dollar match for the grant amount requested. If the grant amount requested is $500, then the total of the program matching funds and in-kind matching must equal $500. Program matching funds are actual dollars from collaborating organizations, participant fees, county boards or sponsorships, etc. In-kind matching are contributed services or materials with an attached dollar value. This includes items like printing, tractor or equipment rental, or use of facilities.

Reporting Requirements:

A final report is required. This report will include evaluation results and will be due by December 31, 2021.


Applications should be submitted as pdf files and e-mailed to skjolaas@wisc.edu.

Application Deadlines:

Proposals are due by April 30, 2021. Applications received after 5:00 pm CST will not be considered for funding unless funds are still available.

 Application Receipt Point:

Submit proposal, budget form and W-9 forms by email to skjolaas@wisc.edu

For Further Information, contact:

Cheryl A. Skjolaas
Agricultural Safety Specialist
UW Agricultural Safety and Health Center
460 Henry Mall, Madison, WI 53706
Phone: 608-265-0568
E-mail: skjolaas@wisc.edu
Web: http://fyi.uwex.edu/agsafety

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