Cattle Handling Safety


Dairy bulls account for numerous WI farm related fatalities and injuries.

  • Avoid quick movements or loud noises. Cattle have close to 360-degree panoramic vision. A quick movement behind cattle may “spook” them. They also have sensitive hearing and can detect sounds that human ears cannot hear.
  • Be patient; never prod an animal when it has nowhere to go.
  • Move slowly and deliberately around livestock; gently touch animals rather than shoving or bumping them. Don’t shout.
  • Always have an escape route when working with animals in close quarters. Alleys and chutes should be wide enough to allow animals to pass, but not wide enough to let them turn around.
  • Most animals tend to be aggressive when protecting their young; be extra careful around cows with newborn calves.
  • Bulls of breeding age are very dangerous. Use special facilities for them and practice extreme caution when handling them. Never trust them or assume they are tame.
  • Keep young children away from animal handling areas.

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