Operating and Transporting Forage Wagons

  • Always use a locking hitch pin. A safety chain is strongly recommended for road travel.
  • Shields on PTO drivelines and other moving parts must be maintained in good condition.
  • Never enter an operating forage wagon to clean or service it. Gruesome entanglements have resulted.
  • Prior to transport, secure the PTO driveline in the transport position. Raise and secure the crossconveyor extension if so equipped.
  • Forage wagons should always have a clean, bright SMV emblem for road transport, day or night.
  • During hours of darkness, they must have two red reflectors or lights. Lights and flashers on wagons are highly recommended.
  • Allow no extra riders on tractor, drawbar, or wagon.
  • For safer stops with loads, equip running gear with brakes, particularly for hill and road transport.
  • Towed loads without brakes should not exceed 1.5 times the weight of the tractor for road transport.
  • When making turns during highway travel, be aware of other vehicles in front and to the rear.
  • While traveling on highways, pull off the road safely to allow other vehicles to pass and prevent long lines of vehicles.
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