Power Take-Off Safety

You can prevent power take-off (PTO) entanglements by:

  • Shutting the PTO off before dismounting the tractor whenever work conditions permit.
  • Keeping all shields in place on the tractor and implements. Everyone makes mistakes, gets in a hurry, becomes distracted, or slips.
  • Avoid wearing loose, torn or bulky clothing around the PTO or any other moving parts.
  • Being extra cautious when using stationary equipment, such as augers or elevators, with the PTO in operation.
  • Always walk around the equipment to avoid being near the PTO. Stepping over, leaning across, or crawling under an operating PTO can easily lead to an entanglement.
  • Keeping all bystanders away from PTO driven equipment and never allowing children to be in the area around the equipment.
  • Checking the drawbar for proper adjustment when hooking up PTO driven equipment.
  • Never using nails, cotter pins, or long bolts on the driveline. Any protrusion can catch your clothing and entangle you.
  • Disengaging the PTO and turning off the tractor engine before making adjustments or repairs, or when connecting or disconnecting the driveline.
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