Scott Reuss

In 1997, Scott Reuss began serving Marinette County as the UW-Extension Agriculture Agent. Today Scott serves as the Crops/Soils/Horticulture Agent for Marinette, Oconto, and Florence Counties.  His primary role is as Marinette County Agriculture/Horticulture Agent with additional two-county agreements between Oconto County for Agricultural Specialization and Florence County through a 10% buy-out.  Scott’s programming over the past 5 years has focused on farm management, both large and small, community agricultural awareness, forage crop management, and home horticulture education.

Scott was selected as a 2014 Farm Bill program delivery specialists in northeast Wisconsin. He coordinated with the Farm Service Agency and fellow UW-Extension Agricultural Agents to deliver educational programming on the ARC/PLC options available to farmers in a ten-county area, reaching approximately 560 landowners, producers, and agricultural professionals in 2015.  Additionally, he delivered programs on the Dairy Margin Protection Program (MPP) in 4 counties.  Forage management is another area of programming for Scott, helping forage producers improve their forage quality through Scissor Clip and corn silage dry down projects.  Scott also programs in grain marketing, crop insurance, and land rental arrangements.

Scott is involved on the Small Farms Team, programming in poultry management, home fruit production, and commercial fruit production. In 2016, he co-coordinated a berry grower’s survey of 45 berry growers throughout Wisconsin.  Scott was developer and publicist of the survey.  Results will be valuable to State fruit specialists and horticultural educators in guiding future programming efforts.

Scott is increasing the UW-Extension outreach through Master Gardener Volunteer (MGV) training and coordinating 2 local MGV associations. Over the past five years, he trained nearly 90 new potential MGVs and assists with maintaining horticultural demonstrations in the area.  He conducts 35 to 60 home horticultural education sessions annually.

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