What’s this blog about?

This blog was initiated in 2010 by Scholarship Committee members in the UW-Extension Department of Agriculture & Life Sciences to highlight the scholarly contributions of their faculty.

All UW-Extension faculty members are required to participate in a rigorous peer review process at least once every six years to obtain and then retain their faculty position.  This review process includes an eight page portfolio summary developed by the faculty member with an emphasis on creative intellectual contributions and the impact of their work.

The purpose of this blog is to showcase, share and archive the outstanding scholarly work identified through the review process by UW-Extension Department of Agriculture & Life Sciences faculty members who truly do extend the boundaries of our UW system to the boundaries of our state.  A short abstract of the scholarly work by faculty members who most recently completed the peer review process are provided on the home page, including a link to their complete portfolio.  The Scholar Profile home-page also has reference links sorting all current and archived postings by year and discipline.  The site can also be searched by key word.

For more info about the Department, go to: UWEX Department of Agriculture & Life Science.

Any questions on this blog, contact Greg Blonde at: greg.blonde@wisc.edu

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