Scholarly Work of Local Faculty

The Scholarly Work of Local Extension Faculty

UW‐Extension provides county residents, local officials and other local groups/organizations direct access to the educational resources and scholarly work of our renowned UW system. UW‐Extension is recognized across the country and around the world as the leader in providing research‐based information to people where they live and work (also known as the “Wisconsin Idea”).
Extension’s scholarly contribution is through outreach education ‐ creating awareness, providing knowledge, improving understanding and developing skills that allow individuals, families and  communities to address their own local needs.

  • Local Extension faculty provide research‐based information for an unbiased look at alternative ideas, effective practices, and the evaluation of various courses of action.
  • Local Extension faculty build human capacity by helping people learn to make informed decisions and take effective action by listening, learning,researching, teaching, facilitating and empowering.
  • Local Extension faculty help people implement new knowledge, as opposed to simply making them aware of it ‐ a characteristic unique to local Extension faculty. Local Extension faculty provide access and serve as a bridge back to campuses across the state. This bridge also helps keep campus based faculty in touch with local needs and can help direct future research initiatives.

Just like their campus based colleagues, local Extension faculty must continue to meet scholarly standards (creative intellectual work that is valued by those for whom it was intended; work that is reviewed by peers who affirm its value, and adds to intellectual history through communication). Local faculty are held accountable through ongoing administrative and peer review processes that examine both performance and continued professional development.
UW‐Extension is a unique and dynamic organization with a highly effective track record helping individuals and communities through a scholarly local approach to research‐based applied learning.

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