Matrix & Discussion Guides

Bioenergy and Renewable Energy Community Assessment Toolkit:

The Bioenergy & Renewable Energy Community Assessment Toolkit provides information and tools to engage community leaders and residents in discussions about alternative energy generation options and energy planning for the community. The authors present discussion matrices that focus community decision making on environmental, economic, and social aspects of renewable energy development. The matrices are qualitative in nature, and provide a starting point for discussion by presenting possible outcomes (positive, negative, neutral) of development of alternative energy sources. Matrices are presented for the following renewable energy options: (1) Annual/perennial biomass, (2) Woody biomass, (3) Corn Grain Ethanol, (4) Anaerobic Digestion, (5) Wind Energy.

  1. FULL Bioenergy and Renewable Energy Community Assessment Toolkit
    1. Introduction to the Concept of Sustainable Renewable Energy Development
    2. Introduction to the Matrix
    3. Discussion Guide
    4. Community Assessment Checklist for Renewable Energy
    5. Community Participation: Lessons Learned