General Resources

Training Presentations

  1. (abstract)
    An assessment of cellulosic ethanol industry sustainability based on industry configurations by R.M. Cruse, C.G. Herndl, E.Y. Polush, and M.C. Shelley

Supplemental Materials

  1. Roadside Bioenergy Harvesting: Feasibility of Harvesting Hay on Highway Right-of-Way
  2. Growing Risk: Addressing the Invasive Potential of Bioenergy Feedstocks
  3. Organization of the Current US Biopower Industry: A Template for Future Bioenergy Industries
  4. Financial Feasibility and Regional Economic Impacts: Three Case Studies in US Biopower
  5. Bioenergy Production – Missouri gets it Right
  6. Wisconsin Sustainable Planting and Harvesting Guidelines for Nonforest Biomass