Archived Webinar Series: Accepting EBT at Farmers Markets


Would you like to know more about accepting FoodShare (formerly known as food stamps) benefits at your farmers market? Would you like to know how to increase access to fresh fruits, vegetables and other local agricultural products in your community? Learn more about electronic benefit transfer (EBT) and the steps to incorporating this as a payment option for people in your community through this 3 part webinar series.

The webinar series described below as well as other resources are available here:


February 7, 2013:             EBT, FoodShare and Farmers’ Markets (9 – 10:30 am)
Learn about FoodShare, who receives benefits and how accepting EBT at the farmers market benefits this part of your community. Also learn about the different methods of accepting EBT at the market, their costs and requirements and what it takes to run an EBT program.


February 14, 2013            8 Steps to Creating a Successful Farmers Market EBT Program (9 – 10:30 am)
Find out how to become an authorized retailor, set up your program and work with community organizations, vendors and customers to create and EBT program for your farmers market that works for everyone.


February 21, 2013            Long Term Success for your EBT Program (9 – 10:30 am)
Good planning and community involvement can help your Farmers Market EBT program be both successful and sustainable.  Learn about connecting with community resources, matching programs and other ways to keep FoodShare participants engaged and coming back week after week.


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