UW-Extension’s Wisconsin Emerging Farmer Program

Milwaukee County UW-Extension has maintained community gardens throughout the region since 1972. In 2014, nearly 1,250 community garden plots were rented at 10 different sites on nearly 75 acres of land. In addition to managing community garden sites across Milwaukee County, Milwaukee County UW-Extension also coordinates The Wisconsin Emerging Farmer Program, which offers four urban micro-farm sites to beginning farmers with plots that range up to a quarter acre. The Wisconsin Emerging Farmer Program provides beginning farmer resources and education, researches the economic viability and social capital of urban agriculture, and fosters urban farmer networks that connect small-scale farmers in the region.

This program Milw emerging farmer programempowers emerging farmers in the region by facilitating land access, coordinating educational workshops, building community resource networks, and providing technical resources for selling product. Participants – or “micro-farmers” – learn sustainable methods to increase their food production while cultivating buyer relationships with partnered Milwaukee restaurants, markets, and food co-ops.


Want to learn more?
Visit their website: http://milwaukee.uwex.edu/agriculture/microfarming/
Check out their facebook page: https://www.facebook.com/uwex.gardens.farm
Or contact Ryan Schone (414) 256-4653  or  ryan.schone@ces.uwex.edu