Spotlight Series: Joe Muellenberg-Youth Engagement, Equity and Diversity, Gardening

This is a reminder that the CFS Team Spotlight Series is on Tuesday, 10/27 at 1-2pm. We will be in Lowell, rm 326 or you can join remotely via Hangout and Wisline.  I will send out connection details to the team listserv before we get started next Tuesday.


joe2010Joe Muellenberg, Horticulture Coordinator

Joe will be discussing his work with young males in the corrections system through the Grow Academy, Division of Juvenile Corrections (DJC). The program meets the needs of delinquent, high school credit deficient youth by offering an evidence-based, correctional program consisting of an agriculturally-based educational curriculum as an alternative to juvenile incarceration. Youth involved in the program learn skills to successfully reintegrate into and be productive members of their communities. The teen participants at the Grow Academy have learned tangible skills such as vegetable gardening, plant care, animal (chicken) care, natural resource management as well as how to how work in a team and how to communicate constructively. We have found that the teens learn best through experiential activities and often independently found topics of interest. They gain a sense of pride and feel ownership in the lessons/projects where they had more choice and independence.