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Community food systems topic-based resources

Regional Food System Assessment (pdf) by Anna Haines and Kristy Seblonka. Preliminary food assessment using a regional approach for Central Wisconsin. Counties included are Portage, Marathon, Waupaca and Wood.

Wisconsin Consumers and Local Food: Marketing Recommendations for Direct Market Farmers (pdf) by Laura Witzling. This brief describes key findings from a 2015 survey of Wisconsinites about their opinions and behaviors regarding local food, including what people believe the definition of “local” to be, opinions about benefits of local produce, differences in people based on where they live in the state, and more.

Waushara County Food System and Access Study (blog page) by Patrick Nehring.  Blog page includes summary and full report of Waushara County’s community food assessment.

Understanding the Local Food System and Its Relation to Food Security (pdf,article) by Patrick Nehring


University of Wisconsin-Extension faculty worked with a local committee to create a process to accurately study the local food system, to understand how it was used by low income households, to determine ways to address food insecurity issues, and to maintain the local grocery stores.  The study process involved the surveys, focus groups, interviews, and fact finding.  The study reviewed the local food system from food producer to distribution to consumer, provided options for improving the food system and addressed the issues of food security, which are stable accessibility, availability, and utilization.

Food Processing in the Wisconsin Economy To help state and local community economic development practitioners, policy makers and concerned citizens better understand the food processing industry in Wisconsin, the Department of Agricultural and Applied Economics at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the Center for Community Economic Development with the University of Wisconsin-Extension, undertook an analysis of the strengths and weaknesses of the industry. The results of these analyses are presented here in a series of simple fact sheets.

WI Food Processing Facilities (blog page) by Andrew Bernhardt and Erin Peot. The page offers an interactive map, a printable excel sheet, and 16 videos of processing facilities.

•Metrics of Local Foods in Wisconsin  Four fact sheets  using the “direct sales for human consumption” from the recently released 2012 Census of Agriculture.  The focus is WI counties.  by Steve Deller

Direct sales per capita

Direct sales per farm

Direct sales total

Direct sales

Definitions of Place-based Food Systems  Compilation of existing definitions of community/local/sustainable food systems. by Laura Brown and Carrie Edgar

Toward a Sustainable Community: A Toolkit for Local Government Volume 2, 2013.  Volume 1 was completed in 2007 which focused on internal local government functions, such as energy use in government buildings, transportation fleets and purchasing.  This second volume focuses on other functions of local government including local food (pg 42-45). by Laura Brown and Erin Peot

Planning and Zoning for Local Food Systems Fact Sheet  This fact sheet addresses the production aspect of the food system and focuses primarily on the availability of land for food production near or within urban areas. by Kristy Seblonka

Urban Agriculture in Practice-Riverview Gardens An urban agriculture case study highlighting zoning and planning issues. by Kristy Seblonka

 Resources for starting an Agricultural Tourism Business Includes Resources for getting started, business planning, management and operation, marketing , direct marketing, understanding agritourism customers, and trends.  by Jim Resick and Laura Brown.

North Central Region County Food Systems Profiles PortalThe Food Systems Profile provides an overview of existing data across a broad scope of food systems activities, documents how key indicators are changing over time, and serves as a baseline for community leaders and educators to identify opportunities for growth or expansion in regional food systems.

Wisconsin Food Security Project The Wisconsin Food Security Project provides localized information about the food security infrastructure in Wisconsin. The project promotes food security by helping planners and policymakers identify strengths and gaps in their communities, and by helping service providers and individuals and families to locate food-related resources.

Public Blog Site Includes educational resources on Food Access and Availability, Food Waste Mgmt, WI Farm to School, Community and School Gardening, registration for events, newsletters, Just in Time Webinar Series and resources that need to be accessible to the public or to colleagues who cannot access Sharepoint.


Tools to assist in doing community food systems work

  • CFS Whole Measures Mini-grant program -Funded projects will receive support with program development, implementation and evaluation using the Whole Measures framework and serve as case studies for interdisciplinary approaches to food systems work.
  • Professional Development Funding – Colleagues may request up to $500 to attend a professional development opportunity related to Community Food Systems work by completing the following form: CFS professional development application form
  • CFS Spotlight Series -The purpose of the Just in Time Webinar Series is to support colleagues in offering timely education for a specific audience on a particular food systems topic. These are content driven webinars presented in a classroom style webinar format (presentation followed by discussion).  Any Extension colleague is welcome to submit a proposal in an emerging area of programming interest and skills competency in community food systems.
  • Sharepoint Workspace and Google Drive -Team agendas, minutes, photos, discussions, roster
  • Community Food Systems ListserveTo reach extension colleagues interested in and programming in community food systems
  • Wisline Anytime Account for Audio Access– Our team account can be used for workgroup projects, planning, and collaboration.  Available for any workgroups to use for conference calls.  Wisline anytime can be merged with Blackboard if you need both graphics and audio for your meeting.  Contact for moderator line access.
  • Newsletter and archives – keep up on what’s going on in community food systems and use to promote your work
  • CFS Team Google + Communitypost questions, start a discussion, share resources with UWEX colleagues
  • CFS Team display banner– use for community food systems outreach
  • Space to present workshare your scholarly work at the annual CFS Team in-service
  • Interdisciplinary Teams Expectations Document– check out Program Leadership’s expectations for the CFS Team

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