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Community food systems topic-based resources

Local Food Communication and Marketing  (blog page) This site highlights research by Bret Shaw, University of Wisconsin-Extension faculty, about local food and communication.

Regional Food System Assessment (pdf) by Anna Haines and Kristy Seblonka. Preliminary food assessment using a regional approach for Central Wisconsin. Counties included are Portage, Marathon, Waupaca and Wood.

Wisconsin Consumers and Local Food: Marketing Recommendations for Direct Market Farmers (pdf) by Laura Witzling. This brief describes key findings from a 2015 survey of Wisconsinites about their opinions and behaviors regarding local food, including what people believe the definition of “local” to be, opinions about benefits of local produce, differences in people based on where they live in the state, and more.

Waushara County Food System and Access Study (blog page) by Patrick Nehring.  Blog page includes summary and full report of Waushara County’s community food assessment.

Understanding the Local Food System and Its Relation to Food Security (pdf,article) by Patrick Nehring

WI Food Processing Facilities (blog page) by Andrew Bernhardt and Erin Peot. The page offers an interactive map, a printable excel sheet, and 16 videos of processing facilities.

Definitions of Place-based Food Systems  Compilation of existing definitions of community/local/sustainable food systems. by Laura Brown and Carrie Edgar

Toward a Sustainable Community: A Toolkit for Local Government Volume 2, 2013.  Volume 1 was completed in 2007 which focused on internal local government functions, such as energy use in government buildings, transportation fleets and purchasing.  This second volume focuses on other functions of local government including local food (pg 42-45). by Laura Brown and Erin Peot

Planning and Zoning for Local Food Systems Fact Sheet  This fact sheet addresses the production aspect of the food system and focuses primarily on the availability of land for food production near or within urban areas. by Kristy Seblonka

Urban Agriculture in Practice-Riverview Gardens An urban agriculture case study highlighting zoning and planning issues. by Kristy Seblonka

 Resources for starting an Agricultural Tourism Business Includes Resources for getting started, business planning, management and operation, marketing , direct marketing, understanding agritourism customers, and trends.  by Jim Resick and Laura Brown.

Wisconsin Food Security Project The Wisconsin Food Security Project provides localized information about the food security infrastructure in Wisconsin. The project promotes food security by helping planners and policymakers identify strengths and gaps in their communities, and by helping service providers and individuals and families to locate food-related resources.


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