Professional Development Funding

The Community Food System Team has budgeted $2,000 of our annual budget to support team member professional development in the area of community food systems. Team members may request funds to support a professional development opportunity related to the team. These professional development funds will be awarded until funds run out, so it is possible that not every request will be awarded.

Apply for these professional development funds related to Community Food Systems work by completing the following form: CFS professional development application form

The CFS Admin Committee will review applications for professional development funds on a monthly basis.

Individuals requesting funds for professional development will be expected to report back to the team what they learned from the experience that may benefit other team members. The CFS Admin Committee reserves the right to deny repeated requests from the same team member in subsequent years.

Below are examples of how colleagues have used CFS Team professional development funds.

Joseph Malual, CNRED Educator, Chippewa County 2016