Division of Extension and UW-Madison Resources

CFS Team Report: Identifying Equity Practices & Indicators for Community Food Systems in Extension, 2016

The report describes the research process undertaken by Community Food Systems Team members and PD&E staff to assess practices by UW-Extension educators and specialists to incorporate racial equity principles into their work. This assessment was conducted in 2016 by reviewing Recording Results narratives and categorizing actions taken by Extension professionals that seemed to model equitable and inclusive programming strategies. The report includes an overview of research methods, findings, and recommendations.

Native American Task Force 

The University of Wisconsin-Extension Native American Task Force (NATF) builds relationships and partnerships between UW-Extension, Native American communities and organizations. The work of the NATF is to help UW-Extension staff work more effectively with Native American communities, to build bridges between tribal and non-tribal communities, to facilitate communications related to working with Native American audiences, and to build working relationships between UW-Extension and the 1994 Land Grant Institutions.

Latino Employees Resource Group

PD&E Inclusion

Inclusive Excellence is built on a foundation of compliance with civil rights, affirmative action and equal opportunity laws and policies and special outreach to audiences that historically have been neglected.

UW-Madison, Division of Extension Office of Access, Inclusion, and Compliance 

Mission: The office will help guide and lead an organizational strategy for Extension, with a focus on three core areas:

  1. Support colleagues with Expanding Access efforts in programs and services
  2. Developing and delivering resources that build staff capacity and promote Extension as an inclusive workplace
  3. Providing organizational leadership for federal compliance in accordance with our USDA/NIFA funding partners

UW–Madison Division of Diversity, Equity & Educational Achievement

(DDEEA) supports the mission of the University of Wisconsin–Madison as it works to create a diverse, inclusive and excellent learning and work environment for all students, faculty, staff, alumni and partners at the university. DDEEA accomplishes this work centered in the core values of community, inclusion, organizational excellence, transparency, accountability and social justice. DDEEA uses collaboration, leadership and seeding of new initiatives, consultative advice and the coordination of numerous institutional initiatives to support Campus, Wisconsin and the world.

Affinity Group Gatherings 

Connect and build community.

UW-Madison School of Education, Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion

In an effort to reduce barriers to access, enhance the demographic diversity of our faculty, staff, and students, and encourage scholarship that embraces and engages the full measure of the diversity of our society, the Office of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion facilitates inclusive excellence that builds upon our scholarship and our reputation as an excellent educational institution.