Whole Measures for Community Food Systems

A strategic evaluation framework to guide the planning and evaluation of food systems programming

The CFS team’s strategic evaluation framework has been developed through a series of steps. First the CFS coordinating committee was introduced to the concept of Whole Measures for Community Food Systems in two trainings with the consultant who co-developed at the Center for Whole Communities. The CFS coordinating committee then introduced Whole Measures to the CFS team at the northern regional meeting in January 2013. After, the CFS coordinating committee used a participatory process at various meetings and through email communication to draft the following for each value field: 1) Definition of each value-field, 2) Examples of county educators and state specialists’ programming, and 3) Examples of outcomes & indicators. The CFS coordinating committee used this gathered information to draft definitions, activities, outcomes, and indicators for each value-field and developed this Whole Measures planning and evaluation framework for food systems programming. Please note the CFS Team adapted the framework by adding an additional value field, Innovative Collaborations.


Whole Measures for Community Food Systems. 2009 Community Food Security Coalition
URL: http://foodsecurity.org/pub/WholeMeasuresCFS-web.pdf
Description: This evaluation and planning tool provides communities with methods to measure and connect indicators that define a healthy, connected food system. Indicators consider justice issues, health, farm health, human health, local economics, and community building issues.