WI Food Incubators and Shared-use Kitchens for Value-added Food Products

Wisconsin has several facilities to have value-added food products made, but they differ greatly from site to site in services provided, types of products they process, and scale of processing capacity. Learn more about Wisconsin’s value-added food processing capacity at the UW-Extension Food Business Innovation Network (FoodBIN) website: http://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/foodbin/

Services and information that you will find on the UWEX FoodBIN site:

List of kitchen  and co-packing facilities with contact information

Take a virtual tour of Wisconsin Value-added Food Processing Facilities and meet the managers at each location: Check out all our videos here: https://fyi.extension.wisc.edu/cfsi/wisconsin-value-added-processing-facilities/

Mary Pat Carlson, UW-Extension’s Small-scale Food Processing Specialist, is here to answer your questions and to work with you in a one-on-one meeting on Mondays. Just fill out the Mondays with Mary Pat form and let her know a little bit about your value-added food question and the best way for her to contact you in order to schedule your Monday meeting!