Climate by Topic

These topics focus on climate impacts on Wisconsin’s communities, cultures, and economies.


  • USDA Midwest Climate Hub… a website focus helping Midwestern ag producers cope with climate change through linkages of research and education
  • Conservation at Work... a USDA website featuring short videos of farmers and land managers explaining conservation practices they are using. A wide variety of conservation practices are featured.
  • North Central Regional Climate Activities and Directories… a central director for website Midwest region research and Extension climate activities
  • Ag sustainability… the Wisconsin Sustainable Agriculture Research and Education (SARE) Program website
  • Sustainable Corn… a USDA website on resilient agriculture in the Upper Midwest
  • Drought… Midwest Climate Watch website with real time data on drought, soil moisture, and ag growing condition
  • Farm energy…. Focus on Energy resources for agribusinesses
  • Irrigation… a report on climate change impacts on Wisconsin Central Sands irrigation
  • Maple sugar… research paper on climate impacts on maple syrup production
  • Soil management… An Extension bulletin on Climate Change and Soil Management
    in Field Crops
  • Soil conservation… report on climate impacts on Wisconsin soils

 Communities and Infrastructure


Community Risk/Hazard Management


  • Renewable energy… US Dept. of Energy website on renewables, sustainable transportation, buidling design, and incentives


Fish and Wildlife

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Animals that turn white in the winter to hide themselves in snowy landscapes could struggle to adapt to climate change. Credit: Carbon Brief

  • Climate Change and Fish Water Fisheries… A US Geological Survey website with interactive tools to determine how fish species may be changing in individual lakes due to climate change
  • Fisheries… A report on climate impacts on Wisconsin’s cold water fishery
  • Invasive species… A powerpoint on Wisconsin’s changing climate and
    forecasting invasive species spread
  • Natural areas… A report on climate impacts on Wisconsin’s plant and natural communities
  • Wildlife habitat… A report on climate impacts on Wisconsin’s wildlife



  • Forest  Climate Adaptation … A US Forest Service’s Northern Institute of Applied Climate Science  website explaining the risks of climate change on forest resources help land mangers adapt forests and ecosystems to changing conditions.
  • Wisconsin Forest Vulnerability… A report on the impacts of climate change on Wisconsin’s forests


  • Fruit production … A report on climate impacts and fruit production in the Great Lakes
  • Vine crops… Article on cold and dry weather stress on vineyards
  • USDA Plant Hardiness Zones & Climate Change… A USDA website updating hardiness zones due to climate change
  • Phenology… video clip explaining evidence of Wisconsin’s changing climate through observed changes plants, animals, and natural cycles

Tribal ResourcesImage result for a tribal climate adaptation menu

  • Climate Vulnerability Assessment… A Great Lakes Indian Fish and Wildlife Commission (GLIFWC) report on climate impacts on the sustainability of beings (species) of cultural importance to the Lake Superior Ojibwe people
  • A Tribal Climate Adaptation Menu… A GLIFWC publication providing guidance on climate adaptation planning that integrates indigenous knowledge based on Ojibwe and Menominee perspectives, values, and language

Water Resources