Welcome to Saving for Post-Secondary Education!

Saving for Post-Secondary Education is a campaign led by UW-Madison Division of Extension county educators to promote the benefits of saving for college, answer common questions about saving for higher education, and provide information about how you can get started.

A Little Savings Goes a Long Way

Children with a savings account just for college are much more likely to attend college and earn a degree–no matter how much money is in their accounts. Even small amounts of savings for higher education have a big impact, encouraging children to start thinking about college and planning how to get there.

Save for College

The Most Important Step is the First One–Getting Started!

Deciding how much to save and what type of account to use can become complicated decisions–many options are available. This complexity can get in the way of the most important thing–getting started (also available in Spanish). The habit of saving for college is more important than the amount you save or the type of account you open. The rest of this website answers some common questions about saving for college and directs you to trusted resources where you can learn more.

It takes 15 minutes and $25 to open up a college savings account through Wisconsin’s Edvest program. Check out some of the resources and savings options on this website to see if a 529 plan is right for you.


This project received generous support from the UW-Madison School of Human Ecology’s Meta Schroeder Beckner Endowment Funds.