World Mapper

World Mapper is a unique mapping tool that rescales the world map based upon a wide variety of criteria (i.e population, education, wealth, health, internet use). Unlike traditional maps that are scaled based on land area, World Mapper re-sizes each country based on the criteria chosen by the user. The result is maps that dramatically highlights demographic, social, and cultural differences among countries and regions.

Sample map (human poverty)

Sample map (human poverty)


  1. I really like these types of mapping tools, where you can just plug in information or hover over the geography in which you are interested to get the information. I have no GIS skills, so I appreciate having access to maps that are pre-generated. The stakeholder groups with which I work typically like seeing data in map format.

  2. Make sure to set aside 3-4 hours (or more) if you’re going to visit this site. Once you’re in, you’ll embark on an incredible journey. I love it!

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