UWEXCircula_400x270Since 1995 Waukesha County Extension has managed the Waukesha County Rental Gardens, a garden rental program. Initially designed to meet the needs of those who want to garden but don’t have the space or sun in their yard, this rental garden has blossomed into a project that yields not only fresh produce but fellowship, fun, and gardening skill development.

Located just east of the intersection of Northview Road and Grandview Boulevard in the city of Waukesha, this rental garden program offers garden rentals to Waukesha County residents on a year-to-year basis. Garden plots can be rented in the traditional or organic garden to grow vegetables, fruits, and flowers. For more information, see FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions).

Here are a few comments from those who have gardened with us in the past.

 “The garden to me is a source of goodness”

“We thoroughly enjoy being able to “get our hands dirty. Thank you for offering us the ability to do so!”

 “Thank you for giving me the opportunity to eat healthy.”

 “I love working in the garden, planting, and harvesting the end results … yes it’s a lot of work but rewarding.”

 “I had a great experience in the garden this past summer.”

Waukesha County Community Gardens Picture of Community Gardens Plot

A view of a Gardens at plowing

Waukesha County Community Gardens Picture of Community Gardens PlotAt the beginning of each gardening season, each garden plot has a small stake in the four corners of the plot. It also has large stake in the front (middle) of the plot to identify the garden plot row and number.

For more information, contact the Extension office at 262-548-7775.

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