Announcing the Spring 2021 Resource Library!

The Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference planning committee is proud to announce the debut of our 2021 Spring Resource Library. Every week we will be adding a new video with cover crop, soil health, and conservation videos from Wisconsin speakers. To stay up-to-date on latest from the Wisconsin Cover Crop Conference, join our email list below!

Resource Library

Spring 2021

Week 1: What can legumes do for you?

Check out this presentation from UW-Madison’s Dr. Matt Ruark, where he discuss the benefits of incorporating legume cover crops after winter wheat in a crop rotation. For more information on what Dr. Ruark and his team are working on – click here!

Week 2: Can we have it all? Planting Green for Weed Control

This week’s video is all about cover crop termination timing, residual herbicides, and yield. Follow along with Kolby Grint, MS candidate in the UW-Madison Cropping Systems Weed Science Program, as he gives a brief update on his research projects investigating the impact of fall-seeded cereal rye cover crops on weed control in corn and soybean fields in Wisconsin.

Week 3: Small Grains, Big Gains

Dr. Shawn Conley, the State Soybean and Small Grains Specialist with UW-Madison, breaks down the benefits of small grains. He highlights the crop rotation benefit of including a small grain, variety selection, planting guidelines, and nutrient and pest management practices.



Week 4: Do cover crops effect residual herbicides?

Follow along with Nick Arneson, Weed Science Outreach Specialist in the UW-Madison Cropping Systems Weed Science Program, as he gives a brief overview of research experiments evaluating the value of cereal rye cover crops in non-GMO, food-grade soybean.

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