Equifax Data Breach Settlement

The Federal Trade Commission has set up a website for individuals who were affected by the 2017 Equifax data breach. Visit the FTC website by clicking on this link for an overview of the settlement and official links to file a claim. The FTC website also has a look-up tool to find out if your data was included in the breach.

As part of the settlement, consumers can sign up for free credit monitoring or, if they already have a credit monitoring service, a cash settlement. The cash settlement option could range from $125/person down to less than $1/person, depending on how many affected individuals sign up for the cash settlement option.

Affected persons can also submit a cash payment claim for additional costs incurred, such as time spent dealing with identity theft, the cost of placing a credit freeze on your credit report before freezes were provided free in the United States, or other fees for attorneys or phone calls. Claims for more than 10 hour require supporting documents to prove identity theft or misuse of your personal information following the breach.