Drip Irrigation

Topics Concerning Drip Irrigation

Drip (also called trickle or micro) irrigation applies water slowly and directly to the plant root zone or soil surface using a network of conveyance tubes and emitters controlled by valves. Drip irrigation systems typically operate at low pressure (10-25 psi) and low flow rates (0.5-5.0 gallons per hour).

Publications and other resources:

Below are resources on drip or micro irrigation. Click on the title of each publication or resource to go to the link and read or download the information. A resource list can also be downloaded by Click Here.

Pest Control

  • “The war on rodents in drip and subsurface drip irrigation”, Danilu Ramirez, Progressive Forage Grower, Issue 4, April 1, 2016. Link to article


  • Fertigation, by C.M. Burt, K. O’Connor, T. Ruehr, 1995. Irrigation Training and Research Center, California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, CA.

Equipment Suppliers

A list of equipment suppliers for drip irrigation is available HERE. The inclusion of equipment manufacturers and/or product names are for example purposes only and does not constitute endorsement or condemnation if not included by the University of Wisconsin or University of Wisconsin-Extension.

Companies that Recycle drip Irrigation components

Delta Plastics – www.deltaplastics.com/ – Serves Wisconsin

Netafim – www.netafimusa.com/recycling/ – in California only