Other Resources

Several other states and the USDA (United States Department of Agriculture) offer research-based information on irrigation. These are fact sheets, booklets, apps, videos and more.

Please visit the links provided below for this information. These links are for information outside of our website, so use your back arrow button to return to this site.

Information from Universities:

  • University of Nebraska-Lincoln offers an irrigation resources website.
  • The University of Nebraska-Lincoln also offers apps to help manage irrigation costs and efficiency
    Click here to go to the irrigation apps page for the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.
  • University of Minnesota offers an agricultural irrigation website.
  • North Dakota State University offers an irrigation website.
    • Water Spouts – Monthly Irrigation Newsletter – Click Here
  • Kansas State University offers an irrigation research and extension website.
  • Other universities such as the University of Missouri, Michigan State University, and Purdue also have research-based information on irrigation. These publications are individually listed in the various topic pages on this website. For example, the Irrigation 101 page has a section on the economics of irrigation, and there you will find publications from these universities about rental agreements for irrigated land. The resources listed in this website come from at least 15 different state universities and 2 federal agencies.

Information from the United States Department of Agriculture (USDA):

  • Natural Resources Conservation Service offers an irrigation handbook online at the website: NRCS Irrigation
  • The USDA has an Irrigation Toolbox website with videos, presentations, the National Engineering Handbook, a photo library, University Extension publications, and technical papers.

Information from a trade organization:

Smart Phone Apps


  • Percentage Canopy Cover App – Developed by Oklahoma State University – Take a photo of the ground and the App calculates the amount of green cover. no more guessing. More information can be found at www.canopeoapp.com/

     Irrigation Pumping Plant Efficiency Calculator

  • App can help you identify irrigation pumping plants that are under performing and need to be adjusted, repaired, or replaced with a better design. Input six numbers related to pumping lift, pressure at the discharge, acre-inches of water pumped, fuel price, and total fuel used and the app calculates a pumping plant performance rating. Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  More Information…

    Agricultural Irrigation Costs

  • IrrigateCost models center pivot and gated pipe irrigation systems. The user inputs information such as acres irrigated, pumping lift, system PSI, pump and pivot life, and inches applied as well as related costs such as for the well and engine, labor, energy, district fees, and taxes. The app (UNL A10002) then calculates total irrigation cost as well as total ownership and total operating costs. Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. More Information…  Scroll down – IrrigateCost App is below the Irrigation Pumping Plant App.

     Water Meter Calculator

  • This app calculates the amount of water pumped by irrigation pumping plants and can store data such as field size (in acres), flow meter units, and allocation and annual irrigation caps for each field. The user inputs the beginning and ending meter reading and the app calculates the amount of water pumped on the field (total) and on a per-acre basis. Developed by the University of Nebraska-Lincoln.  More Information…