Crop Budget Analyzer Spreadsheet;

A simple and concise way to compare the potential production costs and returns for corn, soybeans, wheat, seeding alfalfa and established alfalfa. Each spreadsheet is concise enough to print on a standard 8½ x 11 page of paper. The producer is able to enter the cost per ton for the fertilizer he uses as well as the amount applied per acre. Seed cost is calculated by entering the cost per bag and the population being planted.  Tillage costs are covered by using custom rates for each operation. The grower may change these rates and simply enter a 0 or a 1 or 2 to indicate which tillage he is using and how many passes. For harvest there is a harvest, drying and trucking charge included. A line is included for land cost whether it is owned or rented land. At the bottom of the spreadsheet the grower can enter his expected yield and the expected selling price. The corn and soybean sheets have a sensitivity analysis table which provides the producer with net returns for changes in costs of production  and selling price for 10 and 20 percent above and below the calculated cost and expected market returns.  The key goal of this spreadsheet was to develop an understandable, easy to use spreadsheet to collect the major expenses in a crop production system