NEW REPORT: Arsenic in 9 Brands of Infant Cereal

From Children’s Environmental Health Network, December 2017.

Arsenic can cause cancer and harm a child’s ability to learn. While it contaminates many foods, infant rice cereal is a top exposure source for babies. A new report released by Healthy Babies Bright Futures found six times more arsenic in infant rice cereal brands than other cereals tested. The good news is that switching from infant rice cereal to other types such as non-rice and multi-grain cereals can lower a baby’s exposures to arsenic in cereals by 84%. Nonetheless, “cereal makers need to take immediate steps to reduce arsenic in their cereals… this action is especially needed to protect infants who rely on cereal as a staple food”. To learn how you can protect your family from arsenic exposure click here to review tips and actions steps!

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