Thirsting for Solutions to America’s Water Crisis

gallon bottles of waterFrom Consumer Reports, September 15, 2020.

Aging infrastructure, legacy pollution, and emerging contaminants bring an urgent focus to the quality of the water we drink

Once a week, Florencia Ramos makes a special trip to the R-N Market in Lindsay, Calif. “If you don’t have clean water, you have to go get some,” says Ramos, a farmworker and mother of four who lives in the neighboring Central Valley town of El Rancho.

She has been purchasing jugs of water at the small store for more than a decade. At first, she was concerned that the county well water that flowed through her tap contained high levels of nitrate, a pervasive health hazard across rural U.S., where nitrogen-rich fertilizer and livestock manure seeped into groundwater. While it never tasted bad, she recalls her water service provider instructing her not to drink it.

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