picture of farm with blue silos and windmills

Dairy Farm Stress Webinar Series: Recognizing and Managing Stress

Many dairy farmers have experienced the up’s and down’s of milk prices over the years.  Most have known the joys and profits, sorrows and losses over time. The low points that we have experienced sometimes drag out too long and are often beyond a producer’s control.  Not only low milk prices can be a factor, […]

picture of a yellow John Deere skid steer

Skid Steer Loader Safety

Wisconsin dairy farms have gone through constant change when it comes to handling materials on the farm.  Forty to fifty years ago it was the traditional method of the shovel and pitchfork, the arm-strong method, when it came to moving feed and cleaning out barns.  Today, farm operators have moved to the tractor and loader. […]


Respiratory Health with Dusty and Moldy Grain

Wisconsin farmers working feverishly to get crops harvested before the snow flies may find themselves exposed to a variety of dust. Breathing grain dust can affect your comfort and is a health concern for all in the grain industry. In the October/November 2017 Wisconsin Farm Bureau’s Rural Route article Respiratory Health With Dusty & Moldy […]

a manure pit with barns in the background

Non-Enclosed Manure Storage Tips

Injuries and fatalities occur in confined space manure storages that are enclosed, such as beneath animal quarters; or below-ground reception and pump out pits; and in non-enclosed earthen, synthetic or concrete lined manure storages. However, injuries can also occur with non-enclosed manure storages are open to the atmosphere but may meet the definition of a confined space in […]

Image of chopping corn silage

Silage Season Safety

With corn silage, you only get one shot to harvest for high quality.  Recognizing there is a tight window of time to get things harvested, one must take the time to harvest in a safe manner. Shortcuts and mistakes can be deadly. In Silage Season Safety: Pre-Season Preparation, UW- Madison Department of Biological Systems Engineering […]