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It’s Never too Late to Add Rollover Protection

The occupational death rate on farms is nearly 800 percent greater than in all other industries combined. The leading cause of farm deaths is tractor rollovers. These incidents cost U.S. agriculture $115 million each year. Operators involved who survive these incidents lose an average of 70 work days, and the cost of a medical care, […]


Farm Stress & Decision Making During Challenging Times

With financial stress due to low commodity prices on top of the general day to day operation of a farm, decision making can be impaired.  In the article Farm Stress & Decision Making During Challenging Times, UW-Extension Specialist John Shutske shares: What Causes Stress for Farmers and Farm Families? Physically, What Happens? What About My […]

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OSHA Recordkeeping

The US Department of Labor Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) has made changes to its Injury and Illness Reporting and Recordkeeping requirements in the past two years. In the webinar OSHA Recording Requirement Changes Mary Bauer, Eau Claire Area OSHA Compliance Assistance Specialist, and Cheryl Skjolaas, Agricultural Safety and Health Specialist, University of Wisconsin – […]

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Manure Gas Safety

Since August, Manure Gas Safety has been an issue and continues to be a concern. The weekend of October 22-23, facilities in IA, IL and WI, lost feeder steers related to hydrogen sulfide (H2S) during pump out. These incidents involved deep pit storage under slated floor barns with natural ventilation.  Since learning of these incidents, […]

yellow orange John Deere skid steer loading soil

Skid Steer Handling Skills

Wisconsin dairy farms have gone through constant change when it comes to handling materials on the farm.  Forty to fifty years ago it was the traditional method of the shovel and pitchfork, the arm-strong method, when it came to moving feed and cleaning out barns.  Today, farm operators have moved to the tractor and loader. […]