cow hoof with digital dermatitis

Digital Dermatitis is Here to Stay

Dairy producers have been battling digital dermatitis (DD), more commonly known as hairy heel warts, for decades. Digital dermatitis was first discovered in Italy in 1974 and has been detected in herds in the U.S. since the mid-1980s. The disease has been reported on 70 percent of all U.S. dairies and on 95 percent of […]

cows laying in the grass

Gastrointestinal Parasites & Cattle

As the seasons change from winter to spring, a grazer’s thoughts turn to fencing repairs and pasture renovations. It’s also time when astute managers who graze cattle plan their deworming strategies. Gastrointestinal parasitic worms (including Ostertagia, Cooperia and Haemonchus) also sense the season’s change. They gear up their reproductive efforts during the event commonly known […]


Salmonella Biosecurity: Protecting Yourself and Your Cattle

The 2015-2016 Salmonella outbreak traced to Wisconsin dairy bull calves serves as a reminder of the zoonotic threat posed by this pathogen. The Center for Disease Control reports 36 people from ten states were infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella enterica serovar Heidelberg. No deaths were reported, but 13 individuals were hospitalized, and 25 […]


Building Sustainable Demand for Beef

Milking cows have a second career after the milking string as dairy beef for the consumer who is looking for beef that is great tasting, safe to eat, and always tender.  As part of Wisconsin Public Television’s University Place program Building Sustainable Demand for Beef, John Freitag, Executive Director of the Wisconsin Beef Council, explores […]


Livestock Stewardship

Livestock stewardship has an impact on animal well-being, but how we handle animals has an impact on the public’s perception.  As part of Wisconsin Public Television’s University Place program Livestock Stewardship, Heidi Carroll, Extension Associate at South Dakota State University, discusses the shift from scientific control over animal care to individual responsibility. Carroll delves into […]