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2019 January Dairy Situation & Outlook

Dairy Situation and Outlook, January 28, 2019 By Bob Cropp, Professor Emeritus University of Wisconsin Cooperative Extension  |  University of Wisconsin-Madison With the government shutdown key USDA reports we not available—Milk Production, stocks of dairy products, production of dairy products, dairy exports, and slaughter cow numbers—all useful in assessing the dairy situation and milk price outlook. […]

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2018 November Dairy Situation & Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s  2018 November Dairy Situation & Outlook full report is now available. Also, for a video podcast including Dr. Bob Cropp and Dr. Mark Stephenson discussing the  Dairy Situation & Outlook, please visit Program on Dairy Markets & Policy. For more information regarding dairy markets, please contact UW-Extension Dairy Markets Specialist Brian Gould or visit UW-Extension Understanding Dairy Markets.

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2018 April Dairy Situation & Market Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s 2018 April Dairy Situation & Outlook full report is now available for download at UW Understanding Dairy Markets.  The following is the summary paragraph. The forecaset is for continued lower milk prices, on average than obtained in 2017. It now appears the Class III price could be in the $15’s by June and in the […]

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February 2018 Dairy Situation & Outlook

Professor Bob Cropp’s 2018 February Dairy Situation & Outlook  full report is now available for download at UW Understanding Dairy Markets.  An exert follows below: …Weaker dairy product prices have pushed milk prices lower. The Class III price peaked last November at $16.88 and fell to $14.00 in January and February will be near $13.50. The Class IV price peaked […]

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Recent Changes to the Dairy Margin Protection Program

Cornell University’s Professor of Agricultural Economics Andy Novakobic and UW-Extension Center for Dairy Profitability Director of Dairy Policy Analysis Mark Stephenson have authored a new Briefing Paper about recent changes to the Margin Protection Program (MPP). While we don’t have all of the implementation rules from the Farm Service Agency (FSA) just yet, we do […]