Focus on Agriculture: Milk Your Energy Savings

Agriculture energy expenditures in Wisconsin amount to roughly $681.4 million each year. Farmers are constantly striving to eliminate unnecessary energy expenses, while still maintaining a safe and productive business. Lower milk prices have had a big impact on dairy farms considering ways to reduce their expenses and keep their business profitable. Even with making some […]

A cow's hoof

The Ideal Footbath

A footbath is one of the most important tools used on farms to prevent lameness and maintain hoof health. When used properly and paired with a disinfectant, a footbath can prevent and control foot rot and digital dermatitis on dairy farms. Recently, the recommendations for footbath dimensions have changed after new research was conducted at […]

Cow laying in the straw

Hoof Health & Housing

Dairy cow housing facilities are a double edge sword when it comes to hoof health and  lameness. Built right and managed properly, housing facilities can limit the problem and aid recovery. According to Dr. Nigel Cook at the UW School of Veterinary Medicine, achieving and maintaining high level dairy production are directly related to hoof […]

Image of dairy cow grazing

Dairy Cooling: The Benefits & Strategies

Heat stress adversely affects dairy cows in a variety of ways. A cow suffering from heat stress, for example, produces less milk, conceives less often, and is at a greater risk of contracting a range of debilitating and even deadly diseases. The severity of the effects directly related to heat stress vary significantly by climate, […]

Holstein dairy cows eating

Confined Animal Feeding Operations: Why, What…Pros & Cons

In this Wisconsin Public Television University Place  virtual lecture hall series, UW-Extension Outagamie County Dairy & Livestock Agent Zen Miller presents Confined Animal Feeding Operations:  Why, What…Pros & Cons.  The video presentation explores modern farm animal feeding operations and production systems, the evolution of these practices and the technologies available today. For more information regarding […]